March Beats presented by @thursplay

Our friends at @thursplay have compiled this playlist for March.

March has been a great month for music with a lot of well anticipated releases. One of them was the new album by Miike Snow, “Paddling out”, which tops this month playlist with the addicting song of same tittle.

Keeping on the indie side, you might wanna get to know these unknown voices: Let’s Say We Did, a Swedish indie rock band, who will get your ears stuck on their “Galaxies” track. You’ve been warned! Tobias Isaksson is the voice behind Azure Blue, another Swedish ear candy, now with a pop touch to his indie beats.

Keep calm, we got a British sound! And that would be represented on this playlist by the adorable supposedly Irish corkiness of Vertigo Smyth’s music. Yes, “Comfort me” had to be included. Don’t you agree?

Lucy Rose, a singer songwriter from Warwickshire, won her deserved spot among these 24 tracks with her beautiful single “Red Face”. What’s not to love about this song… just beautiful.

Fanfarlo and Andrew Bird have also released new albums. You can listen on this playlist to which of their new tracks we’ve completely surrendered to. Good stuff!

So, among new releases and new voices, March has not only brought a fresh breath of Spring but also, great new music. We wave March goodbye with this playlist and look forward to see your favorite March beats: share with us today on #thursplay?

Enjoy it!

Originally posted on Spotify Blog.

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