Hi and welcome to THURSPLAY!

Thursplay was born back in 2009, when Spotify still didn´t have all the awesome social features that it´s developed since.

Twitter was the social place to be and inspired by #musicmonday, #thursplay was born with the idea of sharing your favorite playlists every Thursday, on Twitter.

Even though Spotify now offers many ways of sharing playlists, #thursplay continues on a mission of bringing everybody´s playlist of choice on Twitter every Thursday, on a simple way to discover and share your favorite music.

If you want to participate, it´s simple: every thursday, tweet your favorite Spotify playlist together with the hashtag #thursplay. Follow @thursplay to get reminded of sharing your favorite playlist every week and discover the playlist shared by others.

And, in collaboration with Spotify, check out a new monthly playlist and blog post by @thursplay on Spotify blog.

You can find all playlists by @thursplay here. Feel free to drop music recommendations on the inbox!

My name is Maisa and I´m the founder of thursplay. Have any suggestion or just wanna talk to me? Reach me on my twitter.

Thanks and enjoy it =]

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