This Week, This Album: The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream

Lost in the Dream is the third album by Philadeplhia based, indie rock band, The War on Drugs. Previously, they had released 2 other albums: Slave Ambient back in 2011 and their debut studio album, entitled Wagonwheel Blues, back in 2008.

You can enjoy the amazing 10 tracks that composed their latest album, from which, some highlights are songs: Red Eyes, Under the Pressure and Eyes to the Wind.

In what reminds me of a young Bruce Springsteen crossing into a young Bob Dylan meeting Ryan Adams, the album takes you on a flawless trip one song after the other: easy to love melodies delivered by the soft and smooth voice of Adam Granduciel, who’s also the primary songwriter of the band.

Not surprisingly, The War on Drugs is one of many other amazing artists on the label known as Secretly Canadian.

Listen to their magnificent album here:


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